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Each statue created by the Sculptor is a work of art, and its powers are impossible to predict in advance. You need crystals in order to build statues.
Each statue created by the Sculptor is a work of art, and its powers are impossible to predict in advance. You need crystals in order to build statues.

An Statue is created by the Sculptor. Power Stones are needed to build these Statues.
The mystical Power Stones are stolen by the black guard and kept in their base buildings. Destroy enemy buildings to find them. The possibility to find these Power Stones is shown when you scout an enemy village. It is shown as ‘Chance to get?’, below the resources.


There are 4 types of Power Stones: Life, Ice, Magma and Dark.
These Power Stones have 3 stages: Fragment, Shard and last Crystal.

Statue Tips

  • Idol Statues can be reclaimed for 1 Shard.
  • Guardian Statues can be reclaimed for 1 Crystal.
  • Masterpiece Statues can be reclaimed for 7 Power Powder.
  • You are not able to place a Masterpiece Statue of a type you already own. For example: If you have a Masterpiece ‘Troop Health +21%’ you will not be able to place another Masterpiece statue with a ‘Troop Health’ bonus. You need to reclaim the existing Statue first. This only goes for Masterpiece Statues and only if they have the same type of Bonus. Placing a Masterpiece ‘Troop Health 21%’ and another Magma Masterpiece Statue like ‘Troop Damage 20%’ is not a problem.

Statue costs

There are 3 types of statues: Idol, Guardian and Masterpiece.

StatueBuilding costBuilding timeReclaim for
Idol7 Fragments10s1 Shard
Guardian7 Shards1h1 Crystal
Masterpiece7 Crystals10h7 Power Powder
  • Idol - Magma
    Magma - Idol
  • Guardian - Magma
    Magma - Guardian
  • Masterpiece - Magma
    Magma - Masterpiece
  • Idol - Life
    Life - Idol
  • Guardian - Life
    Life - Guardian
  • Masterpiece - Life
    Life - Masterpiece
  • Idol - Ice
    Ice - Idol
  • Guardian - Ice
    Ice - Guardian
  • Masterpiece - Ice
    Ice - Masterpiece
  • Idol - Dark
    Dark - Idol
  • Guardian - Dark
    Dark - Guardian
  • Masterpiece - Dark
    Dark - Masterpiece

Additional boosts

Statues give you a variety of additional boosts. All the Statues have there own effects on different aspects of your beach. They can increase damage and HP of troops and buildings and boost the production of resources like Gold, Wood, Stone and Iron.

  • Life Statues boost production.
  • Ice Statues improve base defense.
  • Magma Statues power up troops.
  • Dark Statues have various powers.

Life Statues

Life Statue TypeIdolGuardianMasterpiece
Gold production increase6-10%12-20%24-50%
Wood , Stone or Iron production increase7-12%15-25%30-62%
All Resources Production increase3-5%6-10%12-25%

Ice Statues

Ice Statue TypeIdolGuardianMasterpiece
Building Health increase3-6%7-13%15-32%
Defensive Building Damage increase4-7%9-15%18-37%

Magma Statues

Magma Statue TypeIdolGuardianMasterpiece
Troop Health increase4-7%8-14%16-35%
Troop Damage increase3-6%7-13%15-32%

Dark Statues

Dark Statue TypeIdolGuardianMasterpiece
Gunboat Energy increase5-8%10-17%20-42%
Resource Reward increase6-10%12-20%24-50%
Power Stone chance increase9-15%18-30%36-75%