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Events can be played every day. They will get you great rewards for defeating certain stages of the Event. There are 5 different type of Events to be played in Boom Beach.

Event Cycle

The Events occur in a 7 day Cycle and only the Mega Crab event is isn’t part of this Cycle. This is a special limited Event which appears rarely and without a schedule. Each day the active Event starts at 6.00 AM local time and ends at 03:00 AM the next day. This means that you have 21 hours in total to play the Event. The Event Cycle is as follows:


  • Monday: Hammerman Strikes Back
  • Tuesday: Dr. T’s Tropical Island
  • Wednesday: Dr. T’s Volcano Island
  • Thursday: Colonel Gearheart’s War Factory
  • Friday: Imitation Game
  • Saturday: Dr. T’s Tropical Island
  • Sunday: Dr. T’s Volcano Island