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Hammerman strikes back

It's payback time! Tell me where your puny base is, and I will crush it!
It's payback time! Tell me where your puny base is, and I will crush it!

Hammerman strikes back is one of the Events you can play for great rewards.

  • To unlock the Hammerman strikes back Event you have to build the Weapon Lab.
  • Lt. Hammerman will appear in a Gunboat north west of your home base on the Archipelago, and you must defend your base against his attack.
  • If you successfully defend your base against Lt. Hammerman’s attacks you win the Event and get Prototype Modules rewards.
  • There are 7 stages of Hammerman strikes back, each one is more difficult to win.
  • There are no limits in how many times you can try to defend your base from Lt. Hammerman. The Event lasts 21 hours, try and defend your base as many times as possible.
  • Lt. Hammerman strikes back is available every Monday.

Hammerman Attacks

  • Lt. Hammerman wins if your Headquarters is destroyed.
  • The attacks will consist out of 4 waves . Each wave has 8 Landing Crafts filled with Troops.
  • You can win the stage if you defeat all of the troops that Hammerman deploys or keep your Headquarters safe until time runs out.
  • Make sure you check Lt. Hammerman’s Gunboat to see which Troops are being used in the next Attack. It also shows in what order these Troops are being deployed.
StageHammerman's XP LevelNumber of WavesStatue BonusesPrototype Module Reward