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Victory Points and Rank

Victory Points represent the success of your campaign. The game's matchmaking system and leaderboards are based on Victory Points. Check out tips and info!
Victory Points represent the success of your campaign. The game's matchmaking system and leaderboards are based on Victory Points. Check out tips and info!

Victory Points – Facts

  • The leaderboards are based on Victory Points, the more you earn the higher you rank on the boards.
  • The matchmaking system is based on Victory Points.
  • Victory Points are earned by every successful attack.
  • Victory Points are lost when you lose a base.
  • You don’t earn Victory Points by defeating Dr. T, Lt. Hammerman or Colonel Gearhart.
  • The amount of Victory Points earned depends on which type of base is attacked or raided.
  • More victory point will increase your rank and give you better daily rewards.
  • Wirth Victory points you can earn Supply Chests
EventVictory Points
NPC Blackguard Base Destroyed1 or 2 Medals gained
Player Mercenary Base Destroyed2 Medals gained
Resource Base Won1 Medal gained
Chest Found by Exploring (when opened)1 Medal gained
Lt. Hammerman Base Destroyed5 Medals gained
Dr. T Base DestroyedNo change
Blackguard or Mercenary Invasion1 Medal lost
Resource Base Lost1 Medal lost
Home Base Destroyed1 Medal lost

Matchmaking System

As your Victory Points go up, you will be matched up against higher leveled Blackguard bases and PVP (player) bases with a similar amount of Victory Points. As for Resource bases, the matchmaking is based on the Victory Points of the owner of a resource base instead of the level of the resource base itself. Find out what the best amount of Victory Points is for you. With a high amount, you’ll be matched up with higher leveled players. When you are really low in your Victory Points, it might be easy to win attacks but the loot will be very low. The aim is to find a perfect balance.

Victory Points - Rewards

Rank & Rewards

  • Every day at 06:00 am local time your Daily Reward arrives in a captured Blackguard freighter.
  • This Blackguard freighter offers three types of Daily Rewards, of which the player can choose one.
  • If the Daily Reward is not collected before the next Daily Reward arrives, the next Daily Reward will replace the previous Daily Reward. Make sure to collect the Daily Reward everyday to avoid missing out.
  • A Daily Reward can provide Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamonds or Power Stones.
  • The Daily Rewards are determined by highest Rank achieved by the player, see the table below.

Supply Chest

  • Supply Chests are rewards earned after collecting 5 Victory Points and can provide Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamonds or Power Stones and will contain Intel.
  • The Supply Chest Rewards are based upon your Rank, with higher Ranks come better Rewards, see the table below.
  • After collecting the rewards from the Supply Chest, the next one will become available 24 hours from the time that the previous Supply Chest became available.
  • Victory Points earned while the Supply Chest is unavailable will not count toward the 5 required to unlock the next Supply Chest.
RankVictory Point ThresholdDiamond reward possibleGold reward possibleWood reward possibleStone reward possibleIron reward possibleFragments reward possibleShard reward possibleIntel reward possible
Private I017003201407011
Private II1021,777036019011
Private III20231,466039021
Corporal I4035,62,51,378021
Corporal II6038,842,11,431
Corporal III803125,43231
Sergeant I100417,77,74,43,141
Sergeant II1204229,95,94,441
Sergeant III140427127,65,751
Cadet I17053616108,352
Cadet II20054520141162
Cadet III23055726181462
Lieutenant I260670322219-12
Lieutenant II290684382824-12
Lieutenant III3206100453430-22
Captain I3507120544237-22
Captain II3807140635045-32
Captain III4107170776358-32
Major I4508200907670-43
Major II49082401109489-43
Major III5308280130110110-53
Colonel I6009340150140130-53
Colonel II6709420190180170-63
Colonel III7409500230220210-63
Brigadier I82010610270270270-73
Brigadier II90010720320320320-73
Brigadier III100010880400400400-83
General I110011900420420420-84
General II120011950440440440-84
General III1300111,000,000460460460-94
Marshal I1400121,050,000480480480-94
Marshal II1500121,100,000500500500-94
Marshal III1600121,150,000510510510-104
Legend I1725131,150,000520520520-104
Legend II1850131,230,000530530530-104
Legend III2000131,250,000550550550-114