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Defensive Strategies

Check out some Defensive Strategies for Boom Beach. Which layout should you choose? Where do you place your Defensive Buildings?
Check out some Defensive Strategies for Boom Beach. Which layout should you choose? Where do you place your Defensive Buildings?

Defend Your Headquarters

To win the battle, the attacker has to destroy your Headquarters. When the Headquarters is destroyed, everything else blows up and the attacker is rewarded with Resources stolen from you!! Therefore, you need to defend your Headquarters at all costs. A large portion of your Defensive Buildings should overlap this important building.

Protect your non Defensive Buildings

The Sawmill, Gold storage, etc. All of these buildings are worthless to you when it comes to defending your base. But this doesn’t mean you can just ignore these building and place them anywhere you want. For every building the attacker destroys, they get 3 Energy for their Gunboat. This makes them important to the attacker, and therefore they are important to you! To avoid this, place these buildings within range of your defenses, and in spots where the attacker won’t easily destroy them.

Space between buildings

If the corners of two, three or four buildings are touching each other, one Artillery Shell can damage all of them at once by shooting at the spot where the buildings touch each other.
Look at the picture below, if your defenses are placed like on the left, the attacker can shoot an Artillery shell right in the middle. If the buildings are placed like on the right, then this is no longer possible.

Space between buildings

Also think of spreading out your Defensive Buildings. Even with some space between them, dont pack them all together. At Headquarters level 7, Shock Bombs are unlocked. These are fired from the Gunboat, and they disable defenses within a 3.5 unit radius. If you place your Defensive Buildings close together, a large group of them can be disabled at once. So by spreading your defensive buildings you can avoid this.

Placement during upgrades

When a Defensive Building is being upgraded, it will become inactive, and doesn’t defend your Base. If you are upgrading a Defensive Building on a important spot (close to your Headquarters) try an swap it with another defensive building to compensate for it.

Popular Types of Base Layouts

Below are some of the most popular types of Base Layouts.

The Corner Layout

Pros: Its placement gives the enemy only one angle to attack from, allowing you to focus on defending only one side of the Headquarters.
Cons: Defenses are placed close together. They can easily be Shock-Bombed, Barraged, and destroyed.

Layout Corner

The Frontal layout

Pros: Immediately attacks the Troops from the first the moment they step off of the Landing Crafts. The attacker has very little time to react.
Cons: The Headquarters is placed very close to the sand, making it an easy attack for Warriors and Smoke Screens.

Layout Frontal

The Middle Layout

Pros: Defensive Buildings are spread out on all four sides of the Headquartes, and troops have to do a lot of walking to destroy them.
Cons: The attacker can attack from multiple angles, so you must have strong Defensive Buildings on all sides.

Layout Middle

Optimize your Layout

Watch the replays
The replays will show the weaknesses of your Layout. Try and learn from it.

View other bases
While scouting, always keep an eye out to see what kind of layouts other people at your level are using? You can compare your own base with them, or maybe you will spot an perfect Layout for yourself.

Attack your own Base
Of course this is not really possible, but try and imagine that you’re attacking yourself. How would you attack your own base? Make adjustments to your Layout out based on those thoughts.