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Sgt. Brick

After spending too long alone on the island, Sgt. Brick is ready to fight the Blackguard for real again
After spending too long alone on the island, Sgt. Brick is ready to fight the Blackguard for real again

Sgt. Brick is one of the available Heroes who can aid you in battle with her abilities. With Headquarters level 4 and above you can fix the Hero Hut and doing so will unlock your first Hero Sgt. Brick. Sgt. Brick is always around to select, there is no training cost or training time. When she is defeated in battle, she will immediately reappear in the Hero Hut. Sgt. Brick is a ranged attacker, she fires rapid sprays of bullets from her rifle. She can fire a total of 15 shots before having to reload. Her Hero Perk is Grenade Spammer, every time she attacks a new target building, she trows a grenade at it to deal heavy damage.

Hero abilities

  • Cluster Grenade
  • Iron Will
  • Battle Orders

Sgt. Brick Offensive Strategy

  • Sgt. Brick is at her best working with armies that consist of many troops. Because most of her abilities effect other Troops a large army benefits the most. ¬†A combination of HeavyZooka for instance is a good army for Sgt. Brick.
  • Sgt. Brick is not very effective when used in a combination with Tanks. She has a shorter range which moves her to the front line, then defensive buildings will target her first.
Movement Speed
Attack Range
HQ level
Hero Perk
Grenade Spammer
LevelHealthDamage Per Sec.Damage Per ShotGrenade DamageUpgrade Cost GoldUpgrade TimeInstant Diamond costHQ Level
132,52034525.878201,652,0001d 1h82314
142,72038028.58902,160,0001d 3h95815
152,94041831.359602,160,0001d 3h95816
163,17045934.421,0402,160,0001d 3h95816
173,43050537.871,1303,020,0001d 7h1,17317
183,70055641.71,2204,100,0001d 10h1,41218
194,00061245.91,3204,100,0001d 10h1,41219
204,32067350.471,4305,080,0001d 13h1,61520
214,66074055.51,5505,780,0001d 15h1,75721
225,03081461.051,6706,900,0001d 17h1,96022